Wedding Pricing

Heya! Before getting stuck into our prices below, please read below five compelling reasons on why we are different to most other Photographers.

1. We are not salesman. We are semi-professional photographer’s. Meaning, we don’t do this full time, but we do shoot quite a few weddings year round, and most of the money we make on weddings, just buys us more photography gear!
Our equipment is top class, not only do we just capture the perfect picture, but its SHARP, BREATH-TAKING, and KICK BUTT AWESOME! Check it out here.

2. Because of (1.) we offer something other photographers don’t. ALL the images we take. Not just the ones we process, but we give you ALL of them. We separate these into two different folders. “Processed & Unprocessed”
Professional photographers don’t usually do this because if unprocessed photos get published online and they look bad (and believe me, some do!) – It degrades from the overall professionalism of the photographer and damages his reputation and future sales. This is not just some sales blurb so they can give you less images, It really is true.

3. Because of (1) and (2), our prices are all transparent and available here. We don’t believe in up selling and many clients purchase their album after they have seen their wedding photos. We work hard and focus on creating consistent, quality work that tells the story of your wedding day. We can point you in the right direction for high quality albums yourself at a great price. We have a few of these available when we have our first meeting in person.
Most of our clients choose the Gold Collection as it is great value and includes what is generally needed for 80% of weddings.

4. We are not just “the photographer” – We like to spend time and meet you . Before you pay a deposit, lets chat, see if we are the right fit for you. Once you have decided and deposit has been paid, we like to catch up 4-8 weeks before the wedding.
We ask questions, take notes and offer tips to ensure your day runs smoothly and that we are aware of any sentimental items, moments or special people you need us to capture. We use a set shot list, and you may add to it if you wish.
We research every wedding – venues, nearby photo locations and wet weather options. If you need any help, just ask! As we have done many weddings before, and we are married ourselves, we have alot of experience in organising and help weddings go to plan. Let us help provide timing advise, offer recommended makeup artists, celebrants or florists or just as a sounding board for a bold decorative idea that came to you in the middle of the night! We work late!

5. We have the option of you “proofing” which images get post processed. Usually photographers choose all the images they post process and deliver to you in a package, with no option to see any other images or get any more done.
If you want, instead of us choosing we send you ALL the images in a easy view format, and you flag the set amount per your collection of which you want done, and we get to work!

If the below prices suit you, or you have further questions, contact us, and we’ll be chatting with you soon. =)

Shoot & Burn Basic Collection Premium Collection Gold Collection Custom Ultimate Collection
 1 Photographer 1 Photographer 2 Photographers 2 Photographers 2 (+) Photographers & or Video
 Minimum 3 Hours booking 4 Hours Coverage 6 Hours Coverage 8 Hours Coverage Choose exactly what you want. Some ideas are below
 Only available for special situations High Resolution Files High Resolution Files High Resolution Files All Day Coverage + additional days
 Or as a 2nd photographer Facebook Optimised Images Facebook Optimised Images Facebook Optimised Images High Resolution Files
 Please contact me ~120 Post Processed Images ~250 Post Processed Images ~400 Post Processed Images Facebook Optimised Images
 for more information  3 Refined & Polished Images  10 Refined & Polished Images 20 Refined & Polished Images 400+ Post Processed Images!
 $150/Hour $895 $1795 $2295 $Please Contact Us
  • ~ Additional Post Processed Images are available at additional small cost. Information provided on enquiry.
  • Additional Hours 1 Photographer $150
  • Addition Hours 2 Photographers $250
  • One Engagement Shoot with high resolution files – $200 – Include a 8×8″ Linen Photo book for Sign in at reception – $595
  • Trash the dress shoot – $500
  • Out of area travelling fee – POA


As stated above, we can point you in the right direction for high quality albums yourself at a great price. We have a few of these available when we have our first meeting in person.

Below is actually what we consider TOP CLASS quality. It doesn’t not get any better. Hence why the prices below may seem quite expensive to most people. The prices below include a professional who spends time designing the album and putting it together as well.

Photo Book Prices – Professionally Designed – Price is for ten 2-page spreads (Additional pages extra)
Size Linen Design Hard Leather
4×4″ (Set of 2) NA $299
8×8″ $299 $449
10×10″ $349 $499
12×12″ $399 $599


Other Print Prices:
 Print Sizes Print Only  Matted Print Print & Frame
8 x 12″ $75 $95 $120
11 x 14″ $90 $120 $155
16 x 20″ $160 $195 $355
20 x 30″ $325 $375 $485
30 x 40″ $495 $595 $750